April 05 2009

Back from 9th CIPPE oilfield equipments exhibition

In the 9th CIPPE oilfield equipments exhibition, GN Solids Control  organized a professional team,both sales and engineers,and  took quality solids control equipments including Vacuum degasser, and Mud cleaner There are so many oilfield equipments manufacturers and traders there  in the exhibition. However, our goods hold excellent features and we provide circumspect service,which helped us attract a lot of visitors both at home and abroad. Further more,GN Solids Control got many agreement of trading,and crarry out over 4 million Solids control service contract.So GN Solids Control was in deed with fulfilled carriage, abundant fruits back. 

January 10 2009

Gas-Liquid Separator For China Tarim oilfield

GN solids control just supplied We just selled Gas-Liquid Separator for Tarim oilfieldSolids control system.They will use the gas liqiud separator to protect the safty of well drilling.GN Solids Control Equipments designed and manufactured ZYQ1200 Gas-Liquid Separator specially for Tarim oilfield. This gas separator uses  “air-powered adjusting valve” structure, the tank can be laid by side, also holds elevator device to adjust height. The new feature and advantages obtained customer’s appreciation.

November 01 2008

Drilling rig 50 Solids Control System for China Yanchang Group

We successfully complete producing Drilling rig 50 Solids Control System for China Yanchang Group .In Nov.2008, we GN Solids control equipment bidded successfully for our absolute superior after serious competitive bidding of solids control system matched 50drilling machine for Yanchang Group. Now this solids control system has been finished completely and preparing for shipment