September 19 2017

The latest news coming from GN production department that 3 sets solids control equipment for Russia client are finished fabrication for delivery. This is a repeated order from this client. The ordered equipment would be installed on the mud tanks that made locally in Russia.

GN solids control is able to provide complete mud system including mud tank. For saving shipping cost, some clients choose to get the mud tank locally to avoid the inconveniency would be met in transportation by bulk ship.

The ordered items have all Four stages solids control equipment and the relative mud transferring equipment. Below listed are the equipments in this order.
1. Shale shaker 9 units--- High G force shale shaker with adjustable G force up to 7.5 is used for coarse solids separation. The 4 panel shaker screens fixed on the shale shaker are composite material with longer working life.
2. Mud cleaner3 units --- For easy maintenance, GN proposed the mud cleaner using same model under drying shaker. 100 percent polyurethane material cyclone with excellent wear resistance features. 2 ea de-sander and 12 ea de-silter cone configuration is for 1000GPM flow rate.

3. Centrifugal pump 9 units --- the centrifugal pump would used for feeding drilling fluids to mud cleaner and charging pump for transferring the clean mud to high pressure mud pump for re-injection to the well. GN’s centrifugal pump is interchangeable with Mission Magnum series.
4. Decanter Centrifugepackage 6 units ---The decanter centrifuge is used to remove the fine solids in the drilling fluids. The solids larger than 5 microns would be separated out when treated by GN centrifuge with speed to 3200RPM. Each decanter centrifuge is equipped with a screw pump for feeding the drilling fluids to centrifuge. Screw pump is an ideal choice for centrifuge for the stable flow rate.

5. Jet mud mixer Skid 3 units --- The mud engineer will need a mixing hopper to add the chemicals into the drilling fluids. GN’s jet mixer unit is an integrated unit with mixing hopper, mixing pump and manifold pipe.

GN’s solids control equipment, with excellent quality and stable performance, is accepted by more and more clients worldwide. Any request, please feel free to contact with GN.