April 19 2017

Drilling cuttings management equipment are used for further treatment of the drilling cutting discharged from the solids control primary shale shaker. By doing this process, more drilling fluids could be recovered. Environmental protection regulations request the driller to take the drilling cuttings management system into the drilling site.
One GN’s old client from South America who ever got over ten units decanter centrifuge ordered the 2 sets oil based drilling cuttings management system. “I need to have this type of equipment to help me expend my business. And the GN’s equipment so far works well, that’s why I order them.” Said by GN client.
GN’s drilling cuttings management system was firstly released in the year of 2014, in the whole year of 2015, with the petroleum industry going down, GN’s waste cuttings management system on the contrary brought many orders for GN.

The 2 sets cuttings management system already shipped out last week. All 3 main cuttings management equipment are included in the system.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer – GNCD930 series cuttings dryer is designed with fixed speed of 900RPM to produce 750 G force for cuttings separation. This unit has an oil circulation system to protect the bearing during the rotating of the shaft. Furthermore, before running the oil pump for a while, around 1 minute, operator is not able to start the main motor. This is also a protection design.
Drying shaker – GN’s drying shaker is now developed with a much wider shaker deck for easy collection of the cuttings. The new version drying shaker abandoned the hopper type buffer box by extending the shaker deck. This high G force drying shaker unit could be also used to treat the cutting discharged from solids control shaker and with fine mesh screen for treating the effluence from cuttings dryer for fine solids separation.
Waste Decanter Centrifuge – GN has 14 inch, 18 inch and 22 inch centrifuge model could be used in the waste cutting management system. It is used to separate the solids with size of 2-5 microns in the drilling fluids.

GN has developed the skip mounted system in which the cuttings dryer, drying shaker and decanter centrifuge are put on same skid. For some site with limited area space, GN is also able to provide the module type waste cuttings management equipment.